Difference Between Classic and Acoustic Guitar

Planning to buy a guitar? Before doing so, it’s better to identify yourself if you prefer a classical or acoustic guitar as both share many similarities.  These similarities are easy to see at a glance. Both types of the guitar might even look identical to the uninformed, just by referring to shape to woods.

In terms of design, it’s worth noting that classical-style guitars are much older.  Many of the attributes of classical instruments were abandoned in favor of improved technology as guitars evolved to become the modern instruments we see today. This doesn’t necessarily mean classical guitars are ancient or outdated, just more traditional. For some reasons, choosing a good guitar could make good impact in making your DJ Music .

Some of the differences are:


  • Modern acoustic guitar: most guitars utilize steel strings

  • Classical guitar: have nylon strings. Nylon strings on classical guitar provide more mellow sound, and they are easier on the fingers.

Body Size

Classical guitars have smaller bodies in comparison to the most popular sizes of steel-stringed acoustic. The parlor models of acoustic guitars have the same size and dimension to their classical ancestors.


The classical instruments, in general, have wider, flatter fingerboards with a bit wider string spacing. People with smaller hands may struggle at first but this makes them super comfortable to play.


The classical instruments still use slotted headstocks but the machine tuning pegs are an innovation we take for granted. Although some parlor, steel-string guitars have slotted headstocks, the nylon strings make this a viable option.


Not only to keeping the guitar durable with the tension of the strings, but also for better projection and resonance, the steel-string acoustics integrate solid bracing. It features a much lighter bracing for the classical instrument.

Truss Rod

Running the length of the guitar neck on steel-string instruments is the truss rod made of steel. Their purpose is to counteract the tension of the steel strings, and as needed, they can be adjusted. The classical instruments usually do not have adjustable truss rods because nylon strings put much less stress on the neck, although some do.

Neck-to-body Joint

You’ll account that the neck and body join at the 14th fret if you look at most modern steel-string guitars. A more traditional design is A joint at the 12th fret which is older. Some acoustic guitars are built this way, special mention on parlor guitars as it is a hallmark of the classical design.


Guitar Playing Essentials: Inner Health Benefits


When playing guitar, there are great intellectual benefits like improving focus, intelligence, and motor skills most especially if frequently practice playing. This only positively understands the benefits that guitar playing can provide. There are inner health benefits (mental and emotional) beyond the intellectual changes.


  • When shredding and heavy strumming, a form of stress relief is gained.

It can be deeply therapeutic of the act of guitar playing. There are studies which say that when playing an instrument, it provides a big impact on stress levels.

After a long day at work, it is a great form of relief for anybody struggling to release the tension. There are many first time players of 40-something adults which engage themselves in playing guitar as a way of releasing stress. Others want to learn to unleash their inner rock star, while there are Some people like to do sports by playing a few rounds of golf.


  • When performing solo guitar or jamming session with some colleagues, anxiety escapes.

When playing the guitar, it requires full focus. It desires that when you play, you have to switch off from the outside world completely. For those 20-minute sessions, it gives an escape.

The guitar lesson technique is an ideal option for people experiencing

depression and anxiety disorders.

There is a sense of fulfillment from attaining those complex lessons that provide happiness and sufficiency.


  • Impromptu invigorates inner creativity skills.

In recent times, encouragement is emphasized to most people as today’s generation is much more focused on material things which gives much stress thus, support groups, life coaches, inspirational speakers, and life motivators boost people to bring out more creativity within oneself and a balanced life for our being. Some people bring out the artistic side of themselves by doing painting or drawing while some likes to spend time in the kitchen cooking and baking. Others would turn to music as it is a creative outlet that delivers just as much bliss through the same amount of dedication.


As we start to play songs to deliver those feelings for others, these positive emotions are intensified. To drive others to feel something fantastic must be the ultimate welfare when learning how to play guitar.


DJ the Fox Introduction

Fox The DJ is a renowned disk jockey and musical artist. He was born in the early 1970s in Portugal. Fox The DJ commenced his career in 1987 from a humble beginning at Radio 98FM, a local but popular radio station back then. Today, DJ The Fox is a successful and famous DJ, not only within the jurisdictions of Portugal, but across the globe, where he holds various big and international gigs. He has carefully mastered his art over the years to be at the position he is at. Although he has demonstrated his talent in a variety of genres, DJ The Fox focuses and shows interest in two main genres of music- electronic and dance music. He has recorded some music albums including; Black Angel LP, Mad Drums, and Bland, among others. Additionally, he has several record labels to his title and these include Phunk Traxx, and Danger Changer Digital, among others. You can check out the top 100 here https://djmag.com

DJ the Fox’s rise to fame has however not been an easy one. It is the typical case of grass to grace or rags to riches. DJ the Fox’s ambition was his driving force and ultimately what led him to being the success that he is today. Some would say that his rise was equivalent to that of a small Florida business that took off with hard work, like a Tree Services Delray Beach Company. While still working at Radio 98FM, The Fox held live events on the side, an ambition that opened more doors for him. By 1988, he was already growing to become a household name around the country from numerous events he was holding out of invitations and being recommended by satisfied clients. However, his crowds were still small, but that did not deter him from aspiring even higher. Instead, DJ The Fox grew even more enthusiastic about his job such that he started building his own empire through the collaboration of other relevant stakeholders, including event managers and organizers around Lisbon, as well as radio stations and other media personalities. This social connection promoted him to one of his major turning points, where he was hired by the Portuguese National Radio (RDP) in 1991. Later, he teamed up with a friend and together they established a new radio station- ANTENA 3. As a top DJ in these stations, and others, such as PLANET E, DJ The Fox quickly rose to a celebrity status and his service was sought even the more by crowds and event organizers who wanted him to ‘electrify’ their parties.

Through his live radio shows and broadcasts, The Fox managed to build and maintain a steady career. His crowd rapidly grew from a local status to an international status, especially when he started hosting big names in the industry, including Laurent Garnier, the renowned French DJ. In the clubs and in big events, the legend of DJ The Fox is still hovering as he is the one who revolutionized the art of DJing by fusing the local skills with international skills. Through hosting numerous invited guest DJs, The Fox could attract big crowds that came to love and appreciate the art of DJing and music in general.

Today, DJ The Fox is even more popular and hosts bigger events frequently. He is currently married, but that has not affected his passion a bit. He has even more local and international connections, mostly DJs who he regularly teams up with to produce fresh tracks. His underground and classic style is familiar to many people who always flock at his joints, including Dance Global and ANTENA3 Party Zone.

Cool New DJ Styles

DJ styles keep changing by the season and therefore it is prudent to keep up with the latest trends in DJ styles. Borrowing some tips from DJ The Fox style of DJing, there is a noticeable cool style to woo a crowd with. This is involves producing tracks, such as techno tracks that can be played side-by-side with a popular music. Such tracks are good transitioning music and are ideal to keep a crowd entertained without the use of words. Another cool new style involves the use of effects during climax of a song or during transitioning. Effects, such as sirens, altered voices, or gun sounds are not new in DJing, but the creativity that comes with them makes this style fresh and cool. Last, but not least, playing rare music or hard to find music, say, the latest music or those that are not found in music stores is another cool way to go for a DJ. That not only makes a DJ standout among others, but also increased their demand.

DJ the Fox
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